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Game Description

<For MEGA Gamejam spring 2020> You have decided to go camping with your friends. However, a wave of zombies come crashing in and chase you.  The rest of your friends are already eaten. With metal scraps you have built yourself a shed with a  spotlight that the zombies seem afraid of.  Find a way to contact help by searching for resources in the zombie infested forest before the night ends.

  • Nisha Mariam Thomas - Game Play Engineer
  • Bryan Nguyen - Level Designer
  • Aman Savani - Level Designer
  • Naman Gupta - Game Play Engineer
  1. Unity Asset Store - Models/ Materials
  2. FreeSound.org - Sound
  3. soundBible.com - Sound
  4. pond5.com - Sound
  5.  https://depositphotos.com/stock-footage/grim-reaper.html - Image


NightToSurvive.zip 132 MB